SmartCity® Multi-Application Smart Card System

Our flagship product, SmartCity®, is a multi application smart card system providing you with everything you need to issue and manage smart cards and smart card applications for both contact and contactless smart cards . SmartCity® can be implemented in a modular approach, allowing you to gradually move to SmartCity®, while still supporting older systems.

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SmartCentric Technologies International Ltd

SmartCentric Technologies International Ltd (SmartCentric) are world leaders in the provision of smart card systems for Secure Transactions, Secure PC, Network and Internet access, Campus cards, Car Parking Systems, Ticketing and Loyalty.

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SmartCity® Version 6

SmartCity® 6 provides our customers with a fully contactless, multi-application smart card system which can be installed as a total system or gradually, in a modular fashion, accommodating existing systems and cards. 

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SmartCity®Fuel Card Solution

The SmartCity® Fuel Card Solution supports multiple card products, including own brand and 3rd party cards, and multiple card types, including the latest in contactless card technologies.

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